Monday, January 03, 2005


Austin CityMAP Now Available

It's the new year and as promised the Austin CityMAP (all of Travis County) is available for download. The data is from the Capitol Area Planning Commission (CAPCO) and the City of Austin. Data layers include all 911 roads (all Travis county roads that have names, note: private drives and alley ways will be missing), lakes and creeks, railroads, parks (State, City, and County), and a bunch of POI's with auxiliary data (i.e., Swimming Pools, Entertainment, Historical Sites, Marinas, Museums, Post Offices, as well as 8 more categories). As with all Magellan version CityMAPs, the features can be searched and the POI icons can be turned off/on by category.

Since I am using a freeware Garmin translator, Garmin POI's do not contain any auxiliary data and the all features cannot be searched like the Magellan version. This is the last planned CityMAP demo in Garmin format until donations allow the purchase of a registered copy of the Garmin translator.

The dataset comes in just under 5MB so there is about 2MB more data than in the San Antonio CityMAP. This is mainly because of the large creek layer that was compiled from aerial photography. The CAPCO layers are highly accurate (+/- 10 ft) because they were created from photography but they lack detailed attribute information (i.e., lakes and railroads don't have names). Most of them are probably runoff areas and ditches rather than water features. Let me know what you think!

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