Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Austin CityMaps Updated

The City of Austin updated its Parks and Streets layers on their website so I re-processed both the Garmin and Magellan versions of the Austin CityMaps (now called version 2.0) to include this data. It was also discovered that I had a typo in the river/stream linetype name in the Magellan version causing them to display (err, not to display) with invisible lines. That problem has been corrected with this version. I have also removed POI's from the Austin Garmin version for two reasons 1. I do not think anyone found them useful 2. they are very time consuming to include. The Magellan version still has POI's but this is probably the last version that will (unless I hear they are interesting to someone).

Awesome map thank you!
The only slight problem I have is that when it is loaded on my Garmin, the street names only show the first letter of each word, followed by ellipses. Is it possible to correct this?
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